Practice Plus Group MSK and Diagnostics


Electronic patient records

In 2011 Practice Plus Group (formerly Care UK) were awarded the contract for Musculoskeletal and Physiotherapy Services in Buckinghamshire. With a focus on quality patient care we introduced an electronic patient notes system which changed the provision of services in the area.


Working as a multi-disciplinary team to improve patient care and outcomes

The Buckinghamshire Musculoskeletal Service was co-located with our Diagnostics Service to develop close working relationships between the specialties.


Pain management

In 2019 we supported the local pain management service with their evaluation of a web-based digital pain management programme. The study highlighted the role of innovative approaches to understanding and managing pain conditions.



The use of telemedicine has always been important to us to improve access to care and provide timely communication with patients. During the coronavirus pandemic our experience in this area allowed us to further enhance remote communication with the introduction of video conferencing technology.


Mobile MRI unit

We have a mobile MRI unit that is able to relocate to areas of high demand, quickly resolving any capacity problems and keeping waiting lists well managed. The flexible nature of this service allows us to continually deliver quality patient care in a timely manner across all our services.


Rapid diagnostic reporting

Our operational setup and carefully chosen partner organisations allow us to turnaround diagnostic reporting in 48 hours. This means referrers receive reports without delay and patients are not left anxious about their scan results for any longer than necessary.