Our team of expert clinicians are able to effectively and safely administer injections using key anatomical landmarks to help manage many common musculoskeletal problems. This allows immediate and direct access to pain relieving injections typically within a single appointment.

What do landmark guided injections involve?

The clinician will examine key anatomical landmarks around the intended injection site to make sure the needle will end up in the correct location. Their extensive training and experience means that the vast majority of injections can be administered without delay and in a single visit.

The injection site will be clearly marked and cleaned before the procedure. You will have chance to discuss any concerns or questions you may have before proceeding with the injection .

Are there any risks?

On the whole injections are very safe when administered appropriately. Our clinicians have extensive training and experience in delivering these interventions, and carry out hundreds of these procedures every year.

What happens after a landmark guided injection?

We typically advise a period of relative rest for 72 hours after the procedure. You should follow the rehabilitation exercises advised by your physiotherapist after this initial period.

We provide the necessary information for patients to contact our service easily and quickly should they have any questions or concerns.