At Practice Plus Group MSK, Buckinghamshire we work from seven locations in existing health centres and hospitals across the county, so there’s sure to be a service location near you.

Through our fast and convenient diagnostic and treatment services we aim to deliver the best possible care, helping you to feel better, sooner. Find out how to get referred to us.

We also offer a private ultrasound-guided injection service, which you can find out more about on our private ultrasound-guided injection page. Alternatively, you can use the ‘enquire now’ form on this page, and we’ll get straight back to you.

Our service is run by Practice Plus Group, an independent company that provides services to NHS patients. We have an impressive track record in patient care and clinical success.

We hope you find what you need on this site. If you have any questions, our team are be happy to discuss any concern you may have.


High quality care

At Practice Plus Group MSK, Buckinghamshire we believe in providing community-based care wherever it is clinically safe and achievable, and that patients should be seen by the right person, in the right place at the right time.

We provide flexible MSK services tailored to the needs of local people across Buckinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

Creating quality through innovation

We use innovative approaches to cut waiting times for patients and reduce costs for commissioners, all while improving the quality of our service. Below are a few examples of how we’re doing this in our MSK services across England:

  • For all MSK conditions we use an electronic referral process and a standard referral template that captures all the patient’s information in one place. All referral documents are scanned and uploaded to a central system to support clinical triage.
  • We have developed a physiotherapy app for smartphone and iPad, called Pocket Physio, which provides patients with helpful pre-and post-surgical exercises to promote their recovery.
  • Predictive triage guidelines, as well as support from designated consultant leads, enable us to accurately schedule patients for clinics when the appropriate staff, facilities and/or diagnostics are available, saving them repeat visits.

Adding value to patients and commissioners

  • Our ‘one stop’ approach reduces follow-ups, reducing the average cost of the pathway by 20%
  • At our ‘single point of access’ Buckinghamshire MSK service:
    • The secondary care conversion rates have been improved from 30% to 75%, so there are fewer unnecessary first appointments
    • Similarly, 70% of those patients where the GP had indicated the patient should be assessed in secondary care were managed and discharged successfully from the community service; just 30%  were subsequently referred on as per the original request
    • This has achieved a huge reduction in waiting lists, from 16 weeks to under  4
  • Commissioners in Lincolnshire have reported that our MSK service there has been successful in:
  • Deflecting 80% of patients away from orthopaedics and secondary care, reducing pressures on wait times at the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust.
  • Highlighting the need for patients requiring a course of physiotherapy within this CCG – 44%
  • Discharging 24% of patients back to the GPs with no need for any further intervention

GRASP trial

GRASP, or “Getting it Right: Addressing Shoulder Pain”, is a national healthcare trial looking for the best ways to treat shoulder pain in people with a rotator cuff disorder. The aim of the trial is to recruit 704 men and women from across the UK with a rotator cuff problem and have them follow commonly used treatments to help guide and inform national guidelines for shoulder pain. The results of the trial will be available in August 2020.At Practice Plus Group MSK, Buckinghamshire we believe it is essential to participate in national studies and offer the most evidence based approach to our patients. The trial was huge learning experience for our physiotherapists. We recruited 14 participants for the GRASP trial, and eagerly await the results.