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Finding the positives when news is bad

Here’s a few ways to stay positive and make the most of a bad situation.

Appreciate the everyday

When you see negative news it can be a good time to appreciate the simple pleasures in life and the small moments that bring you happiness. Whether that’s simply eating your favourite meal, talking to a loved one, smelling a bouquet of flowers or feeling the sun upon your skin – all these are things that make life beautiful and should never be taken for granted.


Stay in touch with loved ones

To cope with challenging times, reach out to your loved ones or even someone you’ve lost contact with. Staying in touch with people via telephone, email or on social media can boost your mood, give you a new perspective on the situation and help release any built up tension. Remember, someone might just be feeling exactly the same as you, so why not reach out to them? It could just make their day.


Tell the person you love what makes them special

Whether it’s your partner, a parent, a sibling or a friend, everyone loves to know that they’re loved and cherished. Telling someone what you like about them or going out of your way to do something for them won’t just make them feel good, but it’ll also have a positive effect on you. When we do something kind or bond with others our bodies release hormone oxytocin (also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’) which helps promote our general wellbeing.


Limit how much news you consume

The majority of stories that we read or hear tend to be negative. Consuming too much can distort our outlook on the world – we end up seeing things as a lot worse than they are. In reality, people are doing fantastic things all around the world all the time. Try cutting back on how much news you consume and you’ll start feeling the benefit. It’s not just how much news you consume either, it’s where you’re getting our news from too. Try looking for news outlets that produce positive news. The good news network is a great example.


Practise optimism

Being optimistic means being hopeful and confident about the future. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should feel ‘happy’ all of the time – part of being human is being able to feel a full range of emotions. To help become more optimistic, try practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness can teach you how to live in the present and acknowledge the emotions you’re feeling in the moment. A few other ways to stay optimistic include focusing on the positives in every situation, surrounding yourself with positive people and challenging negative thoughts.


Laugh out loud

Laughing is something we all need to do a little bit more. Laughing has the power to help our immune system, relieve pain and improve your mood. Make this a goal as often as you can – you could even fit it into your morning routine.


Think about what makes you laugh

It could be a funny person, book, television series, film, YouTube channel or social media account. Whatever it is, engage with it more and keep laughing. In the words of Charles Dickens: “There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour.”


Last of all… relax

Feeling anxious through stressful times is completely normal. To help find relief from these feelings, do what makes you feel most relaxed. Whether that’s breathing exercises, having a hot bubble bath, practising yoga or connecting with nature, there are many amazing ways to find your zen.



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